Private Military Organization(s) failed to complete their mission during 2nd Wave of Pandemic. Thus reinforcements are sent to regain control over the crash site and locate surviving cargo.

Meanwhile, locals (the Wild) have started to notice the effects of the pandemic, which are significantly different from what is reported by media. Infected started to demonstrate high levels of aggression towards their community members…

NOTE: This game is designed for adults of 18+ due to the usage of Airsoft guns. It is fine to bring teenagers if they are constantly being watched by parent or legal guardian. Certain moments in the game may seem violent, demonstrating bad sides of human nature and be incompatible with liberal-democratic values. Anyone who may be easily offended or disturbed should not not register and refrain from attending this event.


Economics is introduced starting with the 3rd Wave of Pandemic. In-game crypto-currency (Bitcoin) will allow you to purchase  anything, starting with burger, and finishing with powerful bomb, that will blow enemy base into pieces in minutes.

Baryga (Arms dealer) and Glitch (Bar owner) will gladly assist you in getting rid of you hard-earned Bitcoins by offering weapons, rest, food, gambling, and girls.

You may join the game, but later decide to become neutral character and live free. In general, you are becoming a character that joins local community of alcoholics, beggars, gangsters or work in antique profession.

This community is established next to the bar. You may be occasionally disturbed by armed groups; yet, when opportunity presented, you may retaliate by looting game items from wounded or less dangerous players.

BARYGA – owns the shop and can buy/sell various goods. Can help players to arrange deals for in-game real-life sales.
ARMS DEALER – Sells weapons and ammo. Repairs weapons “damaged” in game. May be able to repair minor airsoft gun issues.
BARMAN – Sells food and beverages.
SHADOW BROKER – gives out lucrative missions.
MEDICAL STAFF – helps players to heal faster. May move travel to remote locations to revive players faster. Able to sensytise and administer vaccines against viruses.

PMC – Private Military Contractor factions. May have own culture, patches, flags, uniforms, etc. Suitable for MILSIM players

LOCALS – beginner friendly faction with minimal requirements. May have hierarchy in game. A mix of RPG and Free for All.

SPECIALIZED TEAMs – (e.g. Cops) These teams are mix of both MILSIM and RPG. They are expected to be self sufficient and make game fun for themselves and other players.

NPC – in most cases neutral players that either came up with the role or were assigned to perform certain role in the game. RPG focused players that bring into the game special features and perks. They follow the seme rules as the other players.

The game incorporates game economy and real life currency. Thus, players can buy game items, ammo, services for game crypto-currency, as well as facilitate real life transactions with the help of NPCs. Game currency is earned or brought in from previous games.


Yes. There are factions in the game that are newbie friendly.

Yes, you do need the airsoft gun if you want to participate in combat. However, you may still get away without weapon if you play as NPC and focus more on role play rather than on combat.

The game is meant for adult participants that are accountable for their own actions. Teenagers also can take part if they are being constantly watched by their parent or legal guardian. Be advised that game host or venue does not carry responsibility for the person you are accountable for.
We try to make this game to be as much real as possible. Not all teens are ready for this and, in some cases, even adults.

Make sure you read through the packing list to ensure you pack essential items for the game.

Also, pay attention to the details during registration, as additional requirements may be listed there.