• Gather supplies
  • Protect your supplies
  • Dominate on the field
  • Extract gathered resources


Throughout the game, each team will have tactical objectives. Special equipment may increase the team’s chances of successful completion of these objectives such as drones, grenades, night time and day time optics. Exact details of objectives in each category will be disclosed during the game.

  • Espionage
  • Search and rescue/secure/destroy
  • Other objectives

Special objectives give a large number of points.

  • Harvest food using natural resources
  • Shelter concealment – opposing team must not find the primary location of your supplies
  • Protect and extract specific objective by the end of the game


Both game modes will be available in the game for different experience levels.


This mode is applicable to highly skilled and experienced players in militarized teams

  • All food and water brought by the player can be taken away and traded at the shop for supply cards
  • Looted gear (such as backpacks) can be also traded for supplies and supply cards *
    • Be sure to keep all valuable gear on your person. It cannot be looted
    • You can only take other players 3-day backpacks (Rucksack), water and food
    • Do not open other players’ backpacks that you obtained as a loot
    • Make sure backpacks are fully closed and nothing is falling out before you take off to the shop to trade for supply cards
    • Hardcore teams must always have their gear in order, backpacks packed with no loose items hanging
  • All food and accessories must be also packed unless the player is using them while at the camp
  • Defeated player can be requested to drain water supply if it cannot be looted after defeat (e.g. water is in the bladder). This will not give the winner any supplies, but it’ll hinder opposing team from recovering quickly after the raid.

* The topic of rucksacks is still being debated.


This mode is optional and recommended for players on scavenger team that are new to Airsoft and survival themed games.

  • Only supply cards can be looted from the team in this mode
  • All game gear, ammo and supply cards can be looted
  • Players on the team in Moderate mode end up keeping their gear, food, and water after being raided


Supplies are vital in this game as they are consumed during the game as well as used to launch RAIDs. Supplies come in two types:

  • Food, Water, and Gear that players bring to the field.
  • Supply cards or Currency (can be swapped for additional water, food, ammo, etc.)
    • Supply cards are used to store supplies and gear, which were obtained as a loot during raid, while actual gear and supplies are stored at the shop with referees
    • Owner can trade gear and supplies back for supply cards at the shop.


Supplies must be stored in crates within 10m from the base:

  • Large supply crate must be stored at the base
  • Smaller supply crates can be stored at backup camps


  • Team may capture hostages
  • Team earns additional supplies for each hour hostage is kept at the camp or base
  • Hostage can be used to perform basic chores, such as collecting firewood
  • Hostage may escape if not guarded
  • Only one hostage from each team can be held captive



Base is the place where teams store supplies, re-spawns and resupplies. Base must contain:

  • Supply crate where team stores supplies
    • This will be the primary target for opposing team, so make sure it is not easily discoverable
    • Only crate content can be taken as a loot
  • Shelter to rest and be protected from elements
  • Fire pit


Camp is backup location in case the base gets compromised. Camp must contain:

  • Shelter
  • Fire pit with firewood ready to get the fire going

Camp may be used for re-spawn and re-supply if team has small crate of supplies there.


  • A player may not start to respawn at the location that is being raided
  • All players that were respawning at the moment when the raid started:
    • Can defend themselves and the base as wounded
    • Can complete the respawn once the raid is against their base failed
    • Alternatively, they must start over to re-spawn


Operating in the field

  • Every player is required to have at least 1 supply card on person while in the field (outside of the camp). This signifies that player has enough rations to sustain oneself. Keep that card in left shoulder or chest pocket for easy access.
  • Player without card starts starving and has 15 min. to find supplies by:
    • return to base for resupply
    • obtain supplies in the field (loot other players, trade, complete mission, purchase, etc.)
  • Player that could not find supplies must return to base via SHORTEST route.

Raid Missions

  • Planned Raid: missions that are given out to players in game.
    • Cost supplies to launch
    • Provide some type of reward
  • Unplanned Raid: missions that teams choose to launch themselves against other teams (e.g. attack hostile camp)
    • Cost supplies to launch
    • Reward is opportunistic


Game mode allows following starting ammunition capacity:

  • Mid Cap magazine – 4
  • Real Cap magazine – unlimited
  • LMG – 1 full mag

Ammo is a resource that can be looted and either used or traded for the supply cards/currency.


Shop owner will be happy to trade your loot for supplies.

  • Ammo sorted in clean plastic bags with known caliber (weight) and owner’s name is of a higher value
  • Any items lost by other players on the field can be traded for a good price
  • Some missions can be obtained from the shop


  • Armed forces must extract from Area of Operation (AO) in order to complete the game
  • Extraction must be called by the team within last 2 hrs of the game
  • All supplies collected must be extracted in large crate
  • All acquired assets must be extracted for bonus points
  • Extraction must complete within allocated period of time