Pandemic - UK Strain


Primary objective of the PANDEMIC ESCAPE is to provide a unique experience for each team. UK Strain introduces a additional feature – INFECTED player. Each player will have an opportunity to find out what is it to be infected with highly contagious variant of COVID-19 and play for this team.


Players may select faction to play for depending on their skill and equipment.


Members of the Private Military Companies that fight for the interests of the party that hired them.




  • Obtain clean sample of virus
  • Effectively control population of infected for further studies
  • Enforce strict quarantine by eliminating or capturing all remaining local population


  • Obtain anti-virus
  • Research infected for methods of influencing them


This mode is applicable to highly skilled and experienced players. Expected to be well equipped and prepared to win by tactics and strategy.

  • All food and accessories must be packed unless the player is using them while at the camp.

The hardcore team will be always outnumbered by about a 1:2 ratio compared to the other team.



Assigned to the contractor squad as a “dead weight” to conduct research at ground “zero”. Not liked much by contractors due to his sadistic nature when it comes to experiments on living creatures.

Passive Unknown Bonus

  • +1 blood pack
  • Can re-spawn player at any location


Local civil population with lightly armed elements and unclear organization. Would engage targets of opportunity for loot or protect their territory. Comprised of local low and medium-class citizens, as well as criminal elements, that are refusing to leave the contamination zone.




  • Prevent anyone from obtaining virus
  • Eradicate infection
  • Protect own land from invaders by eliminating them


  • Research infected to eliminate them more effectively


This mode is recommended for players who are new to long Airsoft games.

  • Only game currency and game attributes can be looted from the team in this mode.


Local hospital surgeon who lost his job due to heavy drinking addiction. However, his talent to do his work in any condition is well respected; though people seek his help only in cases when cannot afford proper healthcare, prefer to stay under the radar or have nothing to loose.

Passive Team Bonus

  • +1 blood pack
  • Can re-spawn player at any location



It is only known that people change when get infected with the UK Strain of the COVID-19 virus. They suffer drastic degradation of cognitive abilities and will almost always show aggression when encountered. Due to them being highly contagious, it is better to avoid any contact with infected.



  • Contaminate ALL players


  • Make the environment contagious




  • In-game currency is represented as Bitcoin coins.
  • Coins come in 2 types:
    • Gold – rare coins and obtaining them is usually associated with high risk.
    • Silver – more common coins that can be obtained through missions, trading and looting other players.
  • There is no set exchange rate between Gold and Silver. Your rate may vary, depending on your relationships with other players and what their perception of coin value is.


In-game crypto-currency can be used to purchase number of useful items. Among them are:

  • Food or Drinks
  • Optics and Ammo for guns (the Wild)
  • Night Vision and Thermal devices
  • Safety – yes, you can buy safe rest during the game and be assured that nobody is going to shoot and loot you. (Details will be announced in near future)


During the game you can buy and sell items to other players for real world currency. You may find buyers either on your own or user BARYGA as a broker. Your items for sale must be neatly packed and be in good usable condition ready for use in the game.

BARYGA interacts with all players on the field and can find customer even from opposing team. He’ll connect seller and buyer, and will work with both to arrange the deal. SELLER will need to pay a commission to BARYGA in game currency. The exact amount of commission is discussed in-game.

Make sure you get assurance for risky deals (e.g., selling stuff to hostile team). Any game currency can be looted from seller during transaction.

Items you may buy/sell during the game:

  • Airsoft Grenades and cold-burning Smoke Grenades;
  • Airsoft guns and accessories;
  • Tactical gear;
  • Clothing

You cannot buy/sell ANY illegal items.


  • You remain accountable for any of your items that you choose to store in BARYGA’s shop.
    • Make sure that all valuables are locked in safe place or remain with you.
    • To minimize the risk of losing valuable items, you can leave a photo of what you want to sell with all the information about the item on it.


Shop owner (Baryga) will be happy to trade for supplies, information, special equipment, ammunition and side missions.

  • Any items lost by other players on the field can be traded for a good price.
  • Trade loot that you obtained during the raid for crypto.


Very mean guy and hard to deal with, but has all that someone may need “prove point” in life or death situation. For the right price he can buy/sell anything and everyone.

Passive Bonus

  1. Baryga will fire a salvo from his LMG if he does not like you or suspects you trying to rip him off.
  2. PROHIBITED: to shoot into the shop and area marked around it.
    • Only melee combat is permitted at the shop using cold weapons. (you may want to look 1. before making that call)



“3 PIGS” offers various goods and services that can be purchased with Bitcoins.

  • Food
  • Water, Kvas, and more… ;)
  • A safe place to rest and sleep.

Local homeless and alcoholics are typically hanging out in front of the bar, so take extra care around that area.

Loyal customers may also obtain some valuable advice and lucrative missions.


Will offer you variety of services in his bar as long as you have something to pay with.

Passive Bonus

  • Will shoot anything that disturbs potential customers next to his bar.
  • Nobody can shoot into the bar. The entire bar is considered a safe zone.
    • All guns must be stored unloaded on the rack when entering the bar;
    • All grenades and pistols must be safely holstered or stored in closed pouches.
  • You may use only melee weapons in the bar; however, you are likely going to be thrown out and shot. Local alcoholics and homeless will gladly loot all you had on your corpse and spend it in the bar.


Supplies to Operate in the field

  • Every player is MUST have at least 1 Golden Coin on the person while in the field (as an indicator of life). Keep that coin easily accessible.
  • A player without Golden Coin may:
    • remain fully active at own base;
    • kept hostage at enemy base;
    • remain fully active near any safe zone campfire (bar or shop).
  • You can use gold to acquire purchase special equipment or missions.
  • You can trade gold coins for silver, goods, and services.

Supply Storage

Tags and Coins can be stored either on the person or at the base in a dedicated container.

  • Each team will have a dedicated ammo crate to store extra tags and coins.

Backpack Tags (Possible)

represent the content of your backpack. All players must have a tag on the backpack to be able to use its content.

  • Tags can be looted and sold for in-game currency or exchanged for goods and services.



Base is the place where teams store supplies, re-spawns and resupply. Base must contain:

  • Supply crate where team stores supplies
  • Shelter to rest and be protected from elements
  • Fire pit
  • Укрепления


Outpost can be used for observation, base relocation or to rest if it is well hidden. Outpost must contain:

  • Shelter
  • Fire pit with firewood ready to get the fire going

Outpost may be used for re-spawn and re-supply if team has additional crate to store supplies there.


  • Base is the re-spawn point.


  • Team may capture hostage
  • Hostage can be used to perform basic chores, such as collecting firewood
  • Hostage may escape if not guarded
  • Only one hostage from each team can be held captive



  • Reloading only at the camp, bar, or shop.
    • No speed loaders on-person when outside of places specified above.
  • Rifles
    • Maximum 4+1 Mid Cap magazine on the person (+1 is inserted in rifle)
    • Real Cap GBBR magazine – unlimited
  • Pistols – unlimited


  • Unlimited ammo – can bring their ammo into the game for reloads


  • Limited Ammo – Starting capacity for Rifles is limited to 1 magazine (GBBR Real Cap exempted). More can be purchased from the shop.
  • LMG –  starting capacity 1 full magazine with your own ammo
    • must be purchased from Baryga during the game.

IMPORTANT: Player may use rifles of one type only and cannot combine GBBR and AEG magazines. (Pistols are exempted)


Raid Missions

  • A mission that teams choose to launch themselves against other teams (e.g. attack hostile camp)
    • Cost gold to launch
    • Reward is opportunistic


  • Every player must have ugly mask in case of contraction of the virus and becoming infected.
    • You can use full mask with adequate eye protection or half-face mask that allows you to wear your eyepro.
  • Once infected, go to Baryga and obtain instructions on what to do next.


Extraction may be required depending decisions made by players during the game and their outcome

Successful extraction

In case of extraction, players will be given instruction to successfully complete this mission.