Set of rules to provide a basic understanding of what can and cannot be done and during ESCAPE series airsoft events.

“ESCAPE” rules are meant to maximize the immersion as well as give a variety of options to players. To avoid misinterpretation, all players are required to follow a few fundamental rules:

  • Act with safety in mind for yourself, other participants, non-participants, and property.
  • Act honourably, honestly, justly, responsibly, and legally.
  • Advance and protect the sport.
  • Have fun and do not prevent others from having fun.

Weapon Restrictions

  • Muzzle velocity is capped at:
    • 450 fps (0.20g) – Sniper Rifles.
    • 420 fps (0.20g) – all other.
  • Melee weapons must not cause serious injuries or bruises to opponent.

Ethical Behaviour:

  • Do not shoot point-blank with powerful weapons;
  • Do not intentionally shoot at exposed skin;
  • Do not intentionally shoot in the head;
  • Aim for body parts that are covered with thick layers;
  • Respect other participants.


  • Minimum engagement distance for:
    • hand guns – 0m
    • guns under 420fps – 2m
    • guns under 450fps – 30m
  • Opponents in smoke can be safely engaged with melee weapons
  • Executing wounded at a short-range (less than 2m) must be done with side arm training knife


Calling HIT

  • A player must call hit when BB made an impact on part of his/her body.
    • Calling hit means be honest and act as wounded or killed when struck by BB
  • A player DOES NOT need to call hit if there is reasonable amount of smoke between shooter and target.
  • First HIT – the player is WOUNDED
    • the player may receive medical help while being wounded.
    • Wounded can call for help ONLY.
    • Wounded player bleeds out and is considered KILLED if he/she does not receive medic help for over 10 min, and returns to re-spawn point.
  • Second HIT – the player is KILLED
    • Must shout “HIT
    • Must remain inactive until all action around them has ended or moved away. (it is better to lay down and wait)
      • Wait for 10 min (killed player can be searched during this time).
      • Then safely return to the re-spawn location
    • Killed player MAY NOT communicate any game information or perform any in-game activity

Kill Indication

Once killed, player must indicate self as such by RED colour:

  • Piece of red fabric during the DAY
  • Flashing red light during the NIGHT


  • Any  player can medic wounded player
  • Wounded player CANNOT medic anyone

To medic wounded player,

  • Tie any fabric around limb by wrapping it completely with no loose ends hanging
  • Apply tourniquet


Re-spawn is the process of bringing killed player back into the game.

  • Player arrives at re-spawn point;
  • Re-spawn time 60 min for all players
  • If doctor/nurse present, then time is reduced by 50%
  • Blood pack shortens time to approximately 5 min
    • Single use item;
    • Must be purchased from Doctor/Nerse
    • Process:
      • Obtains blood bags (one must be empty, while other is full of liquid blood);
      • Raises full bag and waits till all blood flows into the second bag;
      • Once process complete, player is back in game.
        NOTE: if player is under attack, act as wounded until process is complete and player isn’t killed.



  • Kills everyone in a 5m radius if there is no hard cover between player and grenade.
  • Can be any Airsoft grenade that emits a sound or improvised noise emitting device
  • Ignores smoke cover


  • Acts as cover.


  • Device with large area damage.
  • Kills all players in range.
  • Can be defused by entry of correct password or by cutting correct wire.

Improvised Devices

  • Any Improvised Devices must be safety inspected prior to being used
  • Devices that produce sparks, fire, or anything that may cause serious harm to human, property, environment, or endanger public are prohibited