Challenging and Fun activities for Children 6-15 years of age and their parents.

UNIFIGHT SURVIVAL CAMP (USC) is a family event aimed at competitive sports for kids and learning survival skills through the hands-on practice of survival skills. We promote collaborative work towards achieving results through sports and creative activities. We motivate kids to work together with their peers and parents to win. At UniFight camps, they learn essential skills that are applicable in real life.

During the camp, we encourage all parents to enjoy fun activities with their kids as these are those happy moments that child will remember for life.

UNIFIGHT Competitions may consist of activities such as:

  • Marathon;
  • Target shooting: bow, air guns, darts, etc.
  • UniFight wrestling
  • Time-based tasks
  • Quizzes with regards to the content kids learned during camp or dedicated to certain historical events.

UniFight Survival (BASTION) consists of activities such as:

  • Survival Essentials
  • Camp Craft
    • Shelter construction
    • Starting fire
    • and more…
  • Food
    • Cooking food on open fire
  • Fun games with Nerf-guns to defend camp

For more information on particular events, parents can follow us on